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The Motivation: If not now, then when? Life is too short to stay inactive.
The Challenge: If you are not willing to suffer, then you shouldn't be racing
The Dream: Staying fit and feeling younger day by day!

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26 October 2011

THE END: Schiniathlon Triathlon Organisation has now ended (for ever...) :(

We are all shocked with Schiniathlon Team's decision to terminate the continuation of the triathlon races, however we all understand the driving force behind this (read article at the end of this post).

Schiniathlon has been the only organisation in Greece to provide events for the rapidly growing number of amateur triathletes.

The next and only available option for an athlete to participate in an triathlon event in Greece is through the Hellenic Triathlon Federation - which, unfortunately, it is not amateur oriented, hence leaving outside several hundred of part-time competitors and at the same, indirectly damaging Schiniathlon's races as justified by Schiniathlon's closing letter at the end of this post. This letter confirms the valueless presence of the public sector in Greece (i.e. Ministry of Sport's, etc.) and who, once again, managed to eliminate this great sport from the amateur groups with their endless bureaucratic obstacles.

On my personal side, Schiniathlon had positively shaped my lifestyle and it was the meaning for me training hard and always looking for the next event's challenge.

We will all miss Schiniathlon and we will always remember how well it took care of us with its exceptionally well organised and gracious races.

Read here the full closing letter of Schiniathlon Team from the Schiniathlon Official Website or read it below:

16 January 2011

2010 Ford Ironman World Championship: The thrilling video

Click on any image below to watch the video!

Top 10 - Final Results 2010 Ford IM World Championship

1     08:10:37 McCormack, Chris
2     08:12:17 Raelert, Andreas
3     08:13:14 Vanhoenacker, Marino
4     08:16:53 Alexander, Craig
5     08:20:11 Tissink, Raynard
6     08:21:00 Bracht, Timo
7     08:22:02 Llanos, Eneko
8     08:22:59 Bockel, Dirk
9     08:23:26 Jacobs, Pete
10    08:24:04 Al-Sultan, Faris

29 October 2010

Aerobar on Flat Handle Bar Race Bike - Photo Review

Bike: Scott Speedster FB S50 (2010 model)
Aerobar: Profile Design Jammer GT (aerobar to fit in race bikes)

This is a special aerobar design appropriate for race bikes, i.e. it considers the fact that