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10 January 2012

The 2012 Greek Triathlon Calendar has now been released !!!

Triathlon in Greece
It was an unexpected shock to all triathletes to get informed that Schiniathlon (the only and first ever company to organise triathlon events in Greece, since 2007) decided to leave from the race arena at the closing 2011 season.

Schiniathlon tri-race series events

26 October 2011

THE END: Schiniathlon Triathlon Organisation has now ended (for ever...) :(

We are all shocked with Schiniathlon Team's decision to terminate the continuation of the triathlon races, however we all understand the driving force behind this (read article at the end of this post).

Schiniathlon has been the only organisation in Greece to provide events for the rapidly growing number of amateur triathletes.

The next and only available option for an athlete to participate in an triathlon event in Greece is through the Hellenic Triathlon Federation - which, unfortunately, it is not amateur oriented, hence leaving outside several hundred of part-time competitors and at the same, indirectly damaging Schiniathlon's races as justified by Schiniathlon's closing letter at the end of this post. This letter confirms the valueless presence of the public sector in Greece (i.e. Ministry of Sport's, etc.) and who, once again, managed to eliminate this great sport from the amateur groups with their endless bureaucratic obstacles.

On my personal side, Schiniathlon had positively shaped my lifestyle and it was the meaning for me training hard and always looking for the next event's challenge.

We will all miss Schiniathlon and we will always remember how well it took care of us with its exceptionally well organised and gracious races.

Read here the full closing letter of Schiniathlon Team from the Schiniathlon Official Website or read it below:

25 September 2010

Schiniathlon Tri-event (19 Sept. 2010) - Sprint Distance (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run)

(above: entering the 5km route)

(approaching the finish line...)

Results (out of the 135 competitors in total, see for more info):
Swim: 41st position
Bike: 35th position
Run: 88th position
Overall: 52nd place (total time: 1 hour 26 min)

Well, I know that I've completely messed it up during the run, this section cost me a lot

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