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The Motivation: If not now, then when? Life is too short to stay inactive.
The Challenge: If you are not willing to suffer, then you shouldn't be racing
The Dream: Staying fit and feeling younger day by day!

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20 December 2012

Sports Watch Review: Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor

(an update was added to this post 12th Oct. 2014 - scroll at the bottom of this article)

Despite my full time job as a computer engineer, I am a keen sport's person and I am involved into rowing, cycling, triathlon, windsurfing for years. I realised that to get a basic feedback of your body conditioning DURING training requires a nice sports watch. There are currently hundreds of models on the market and it's a complete headache trying to pick up the one that best fits your needs.

I don't want to tire you with an exhaustive review about this watch (Polar RS300X), but I will try to outline its most important technical features. I assume that you are a serious sports person otherwise you don't need all the features of this watch. These combined features made me pick up this quality watch out of other branded sports watches or Polar models around an affordable price range (90-100 euro inc.VAT). Some of the features that I quote below are NOT mentioned (or better perhaps: are not clearly indicated) on the Polar official manual, despite being there for the user to enjoy! (you can download and read Polar RS300X user manual )  I have been using this watch during training/racing since 2009 and I never had any technical problems or issues with this model.

I've chosen Polar RS300X between other models after extensive market research, for the following reasons:

19 May 2011

Hand held fat measuring device - a quick and accurate way to assess your body composition

Model: BF306

Measurement parameters:

  • Percentage (%) body fat composition
  • BMI value
  • body weight classification (e.g. normal, overweight, etc).
Measurement time: 10-12 seconds

Accuracy: 5 %. The accuracy is pretty good and it compares well to professional health care institute equipment results. A friend of mine measured her body fat content in clinics using a high class equipment, her body fat was 40.3 %. This hand held measuring device indicated 41%, which compared very well with the clinics value. So, I would say that its body fat content value can be relied upon with confidence.

Approximate cost (Amazon price, May 2011): 28.1 pounds (inc. VAT)

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