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The Challenge: If you are not willing to suffer, then you shouldn't be racing
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01 May 2013

2013 Triathlon Race Calendar - Greece

Triathlon Races in Greece have exploded in number the last year or so.
Normally, competitors had to pick up races between from a number of 4-5 triathlon yearly races. Now, the sport has received so much attention that many organisers have taken the initiative to setup tri-races in various locations all around Greece (on main-land and islands) and throughout the year (i.e. dualthons).

The races below do not require any subscription with the Greek (or any other) triathlon federation or triathlon team, etc.
From my experience, most organisers are requiring you to bring a medical certificate from cardiologist (issued the last 6 months or earlier) to provide a proof of your ability to race safely and have a declaration form signed up prior to race (each organiser uploads such form/s on his/her website for the race under consideration). I am stating this as a general guidance, for those who might be coming from abroad to Greece to join a race.
Please, contact the organiser to check the essential documents needed every time you want to take part in any race. Everyone speaks English in this country, even if they have never learned it before!

(dates below correct at time of writing: 1 May 2013. Check the link at the end of this page for updates, but I will try to make sure I keep the list below updated too!)


2013 Race Calendar Greece

(last update: 3 September 2013)
*Attika: County, with Athens its city.

(sources: and )

(above: Olympic Distance Triathlon Race, Schinias Bay, Attika)

16 October 2011

STOLEN: My bike is gone!!! 150 euro reward is given

Well, there are no words to describe the mess this has done to me. My first ever race bike is now STOLEN. The theft took place on the night of 1st Oct. 2011. The bike was locked in my fenced yard (stupid, it should have been IN the house).

I thought it might help to post the incident on my blog, too. What's worse is that, I missed the final and most important to me Tri Race of the year, which I was preparing for more than 4 months now.

Please, if you can help me recover it - I GIVE 150 EURO REWARD. No questions asked.

Manufacturer: SCOTT
Model: Speedster S 50 (Flatbar)
Size: 58 cm (XL)
Colour: White
Place stolen: Halandri (in Athens), see google map at end of this post.

Characteristic: (i) Perhaps, the only bike in Greece with installed aerobar
on flat-bar handlebar (ii) Bright, white colour appearance (too white not
to spot it).

Contact me at:  e-mail: cplia AT hotmail DOT com .

Below: Photo of the stolen bike.

Below: Area the bike was stolen from.

View Larger Map

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