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The Motivation: If not now, then when? Life is too short to stay inactive.
The Challenge: If you are not willing to suffer, then you shouldn't be racing
The Dream: Staying fit and feeling younger day by day!

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19 December 2012

2012 Greek Indoor Rowing Championship - My road to sub 3 minutes race time


Video: Mens 30-39 2012 Greek IRC
(Me with white t-shirt, next to me standing my coach, Makis, with red jersey)

If there was just one word I would be allowed to pick up to describe the 2012 Greek indoor rowing national event that would be *exhaustion*. And this description doesn't only apply for the race day, but for the whole training season leading to this event. Below, I expose the training stages that allowed me to break the 3 minutes race time. Hope my story below will motivate all those athletes, new to indoor rowing, expand their ambitions.

Indoor rowing requires maximum effort to reach a top level performance. The effort required to achieve even the tiniest improvement is significant. When you watch rowing live on the TV you might have noticed that the whole race lasts only a couple of minutes (less than 7 min for a 2000m race and 3 min for a 1000m race). Believe me, for those athletes who target a medal position, racing those few minutes feels endless until the moment they cross the finish line. Both in physical and mental terms.

18 August 2012

Bronze medal for Greek women's lightweight double sculls at London 2012

Many CONGRATULATIONS. You've made Greece be proud of you.

FINAL RESULTS - Women's Lightweight Double Sculls

Rank    Lane    Team    Time    +
1    6    Great Britain COPELAND Katherine / HOSKING Sophie    7:09.30    +
2    5    China XU Dongxiang / HUANG Wenyi    7:11.93    +
3    4    Greece GIAZITZIDOU Christina / TSIAVOU Alexandra    7:12.09    +
4    3    Denmark THOMSEN Anne Lolk / RASMUSSEN Juliane    7:15.53    +
5    2    Australia WATSON Bronwen / EVERY-HALL Hannah    7:20.68    +
6    1    Germany MUELLER Lena / NOSKE Anja    7:22.18

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