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29 October 2010

Aerobar on Flat Handle Bar Race Bike - Photo Review

Bike: Scott Speedster FB S50 (2010 model)
Aerobar: Profile Design Jammer GT (aerobar to fit in race bikes)

This is a special aerobar design appropriate for race bikes, i.e. it considers the fact that
the rider is more far away from the handlebar when he sits on the saddle, in contrast to triathlon bikes where different aerobar (more straight shape type) is needed due to the more upright and more aggressive stance.

Click on the photos to see a bigger view.

Close look of the aerobar as installed on flat-handlebar

View from the back.

Perspective view of the aerobar system installed on flat type handlebar.

Works pretty well, but it needs several adjustments to match it well with your stance and make it comfortable while you are riding (but I guess this is true for any similar aerobar installation regardless of its shape). There are plenty of adjustments available in this particular model:
- freedom to adjust the distance between the aerobars
- freedom to adjust the between aerobar system and saddle (this controls how much you need to bend forward in order to reach and engage the aerobar)
- independent adjustment of aerobar's angle (how much the front 'hooks' are rotated in one or the other way) from the elbow-padding
- distance between front of aerobar system (twisted hooks) and the elbow-padding
- angle of the aerobar system relative to the ground as you look the bike from the side

A small disadvantage of this aerobar model is that for tall riders (above 1.90m) the distance between the front of the aerobar (hand hooks) and the elbow-padding might not be long enough to support them. This makes you to twist your palms slightly inwards in order to catch those aerobar hooks if your elbows are just above the elbow-padding when you ride. Not so much of a problem, but it could be a bit tiring for those who ride long distances e.g. above 50 km, without a break.

I am racing Sprint and Olympic Distance triathlons with this aerobar system. I can compete quite well pure triathlon bikes who are several times more expensive than my setup (my bike+ accessories = around 1000 euro). I am normaly ranked in the top 40-45 (between 150-200 riders) in the bike part during a triathlon race with this setup. The only drawback is that I am wasting time during gear change or when I need to slow down by pressing the brake. But for this price range you can't have a better solution!

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