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The Motivation: If not now, then when? Life is too short to stay inactive.
The Challenge: If you are not willing to suffer, then you shouldn't be racing
The Dream: Staying fit and feeling younger day by day!

02 August 2010

My training (Tri staff and more) paradise, a quick photo tour !

(at destination; car fully loaded with plenty of sports: cycling, windsurfing, running, swimming...)

(part 1: swimming, about 780 meters to the second 'rock hill' and back (shown at the far end on the left))

(part 2: cycling, congratulations if you can see the small island you are at the 10 km half way turning point, the landscape makes you cycle further but it's time to head back for the run part!)

(part 3: running, I shouldn't have interrupted the 5km running session but this rainbow was a pure temptation for a photo capture)

For those who wonder where this place is... Pelion Mountain, Greece

(arm-held GPS, BGT-31, also used for accurate speed measurement of windsurfing, kitesurfing, catamaran and other wind based sports at various official events around the world, e.g.

(just before the 10 km turning point, a long painful 900 meters uphill is there to drain your cycling session...)

(crystal clear waters, complete stillness takes your mind away from everything else)

(the end of the day, letting the place slowly falling into a relaxing deep sleep...)

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